In Misc. on August 25, 2011 at 6:02 pm

You know that show Intervention? I’m always watching it (my favorite was Christie- the stripper who was always naked-even when eating cheeseburgers and jacking up her sister. She’s the one who threatened to ‘go all Matrix on your asses!’ when she showed up to the intervention, semi-dressed, beer in hand) I know addiction is a serious thing, but the producers showcase the outlandish, so you can  accuse me of being cavalier about the episodes, and well….I can’t really argue.

I’ll never, ever understand how these people let themselves be filmed in such precarious a situations -often times while shooting up or buying illegal substances…I mean- you’d have to be on drugs to let them….oh. Then again, I never get why anyone anywhere would ever want to be in a reality show period (does anyone other than moi, recognize the sheer power of anonymity anymore?) so consider the source.

Anyway- you know the part at the beginning, where they play ‘happy’ music  to demonstrate how this was once a very lovely story, as they show baby pictures and talk about what a sweet, wonderful child the addict used to be? Well, just once I’d like to see a picture of a kid- I dunno- holding a candy cigarette, a bottle of Chocks or daddy’s empty beer, maybe sporting a rub-on tattoo?….and the parent would have to say: “Well, I kinda knew little Tommy would be trouble….”while ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ played in the background. There has to be a baby or two without angel wings, no?


What do you think?

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