Breaking News: Tom Brady has cut his hair!!

In Game Day Sweet, GAME DAY SWEET: 2012 Season on September 28, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Breaking news and breaking hearts! I officially declare an emergency meeting of girls who love long hair on guys….because we have a rampant case of restless scissors and this has got to stop! Not all guys with long hair are hot, but it’s a shame when the ones that are lop it off! I have some of these guys in my real life (and thanks for that, by the way) and I’m being told that long hair is ‘out’. Well- speak for yourself, mister- coz I’m not buying it!

‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Cut!’

Breaking News: Tom Brady has cut his hair – Shutdown Corner – NFL Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

“Did you see ‘Dancing With The Stars’ last night?”

I’ve already been through the trauma of Jax hacking his locks off this year on “Sons Of Anarchy’. This brings the eye-candy count down to zero on this show. At least until it grows in a bit… But what can I expect from a guy who is furious that his ‘gang’ is now dealing drugs, rather than just plain ole’ assault rifles. Murderer’s logic, I guess. But Jax- you don’t look half as cute killing people as you did last season…..(and don’t think growing that devil beard longer and pointier is helping, either! Maybe once your horns come in, I’ll re-evaluate)

‘Long hair ‘suits’ me just fine!’

Look- I know this is not exactly important sports related news, but Brady’s long hair has  brought a lot of joy to a lot of girls and women everywhere. When I say I want him to ‘go long’ I’m not always talking football. I hope he didn’t cut it after the Bills game, coz if so that makes five! fumbles for him that day!

Oh well- I guess there’s really nothing Tom Brady can do to make himself look bad (other than water slides and maybe dancing in Rio….) Looking on the bright side,  at least this will make it easier to NOT secretly wish him well all of the time, which will make pretty much everyone I watch football with very, very happy!

“You’ll never be able to wish me anything but well. And you know it!”Damn him.

  1. Long hair on guys=HOT Long hair on Tom Brady=HOTTER Giselle+ Tom-balls= short hair… Justin Bieber hair????, turn off!!!
    I knew “sh”e was running the show when he showed up at that press conference with JB hair. Do you think he looked into a mirror?What couldve run through his mind? Can you imagine the comments in the locker room? Id love to have been there when that was “suggested” by his soulmate.I can only guess he must’ve sacrificed his gorgeous locks to keep that shrew from talking.. Have you heard her talk? Its nonstop babble that goes on and on and ON in run-on sentences..It was either cut his hair or inflict permanent deafness upon himself with a sharp object (which might’ve been painful but, I don’t think it wouldve impacted his calling plays TOO much!). I know when we see the “old Tom” someday, she’ll be packing her bags and her size 000 jeans to catwalk back to Rio.


    • I was giving her credit for keeping it long……now I have NO ONE to protect the locks! I admit the Beiber thing was ridiculous…..but the regular, long hair was so hot. I love the dreads the players wear as well- but they are light years ahead of me in swagger. But a girl can dream, right?!


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