Jets Crash, “Son” Rises

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My Favorite Play? Why, The ‘Hail Mary!’ of course!

Well, that was a disaster for the New York Jets! They were beaten ‘Na,Na,Na, Na, Naa’ style, by  Tebow himself with a minute left to go. Could the Jets rally? What do you think?

I wasn’t  pissed that the Jets lost, as much as I was that the Broncos won.

It got me to thinking about what it is about Tim Tebow that is so polarizing? I had the definite feeling that I was watching a ‘show’  (maybe the 700 Club?) when Tebow started pointing up to the sky, praying, (re:’Tebowing’) and then skipped over to lead the prayer circle. He’s brought religion onto the field, and I guess he’ll keep bringing it. I don’t hate religion, or Jesus or God or whatever people choose to believe in, but personally I think we’re opening a can of worms in a neutral territory.

Does it ever occur to Timmy that if ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ is on your side, that he has to be AGAINST the other guys? That God would have to actively DISLIKE all of the other teams and players, many who have had much harder struggles than you, to make it in the NFL….and isn’t it disturbing to think that Jesus plays favorites, even if you happen to be that favorite right now? Does it bother you that God is watching football rather than saving babies who have cancer, or stopping famine, or preventing the next Tsunami?

A rare glimpse of Tebow’s dog, Goliath,who “could walk to Hawaii, if he felt like it” according to Tim.

When Tebow left the field, and began his long, pious walk from the field, through the tunnel (for effect?) shedding his jersey, and leading a crowd of followers like an Under Armor Messiah back out onto the field (stopping to sign a shirt for a small child and his Dad, and conveniently ignoring the person next to them holding out a hat) I felt like I was watching a made-for-tv Lifetime Movie ‘God’s Quarterback: First and Ten Commandments’….and by the time he made it  to the sportscasters booth to be  praised, I half expected Mary Magdalene – or a Bronco’s cheerleader at least, to come over and wash his feet.

Tebow has lots of innovative ideas for Mile High Stadium. Here’s how he envisions the new uprights.

Tebow is is UBER-aware of what he is doing. He knows when the red light is on, and he plays to the camera. (though it might be entertaining, if he at least, pointed down when he threw an interception, or wiggled fake devil-horns with his fingers when he was sacked!)

I get the feeling there are a lot of people in Tebow’s life who are very vested in his ‘message’, and that they believe Tim is very ‘special’ and magnanimous, like a Christian Pied-Piper, or the first Pig-skin Preacher. And therein lies the rub.

See- I don’t want a sermon during my NFL games. I am often involved in very ‘heathen-like’ activities while switching off between actual games and the Red Zone, come Sunday afternoon. I may have a friendly bet going, I may be  tossing back a few alcoholic beverages, I’m definitely cursing my ass off (in a high sing-song voice for amazing plays and an angry croak for blown coverages) This is not the time for Reverend Snow to show up and find Jack, Janet and Chrissy ‘in the shower’. Game time runs rampant with possible ‘misunderstandings’, and I, for one, don’t want to be bummed out, or judged by Pastor Buzzkill. Or, God Forbid! be caught Roster-bating to my best friend ‘s Fantasy line-up!

So, forgive me, Tim- but I prefer the Neutral Zone, a place where we were all comfortable until you showed up. NFL means: ‘No Freakin’ Lectures’. I don’t want to have the feeling I get when there’s a cop behind me on the road. It’s not that I’m doing anything particularly wrong, but it’s been awhile since I looked at the rulebook. So please, Tim- lay off! In the name of the Gators, The Bronco’s and The Super Bowl. Amen.

  1. Thanks Lisa – what I love about your Blog is that you are able to verbalize what I am thinking when I can’t. Being a BAMA fan, I have never been particularly fond of Tebow and quite frankly have been annoyed by the adulation that he has been getting which has seemed very much orchestrated from Day One.
    I overreacted and posted some negative stuff about Tebow when the JETS lost why because it was hard enough to see the JETS self-destruct but that they lost to someone who is so focused on bringing a “message” to many of us who don’t want it. I play Fantasy Football just to lessen the blow of the JETS 30+ years of mediocrity and failure. I can take it much better when they are beat by someone of Tom Brady’s caliber and character. He is a professional and the best part –I have NO IDEA what his religious beliefs are! (Can you believe I am complementing Tom Brady, Lisa?).
    One final note – there are other better Rookie QBs out there like Cam Newton who are not nearly getting the props they deserve. Is it because he is Black? Is it because he is not flaunting his religious beliefs? I refer you to http://bleacherreport.com/articles/908963-cam-newton-hes-everything-tim-tebow-isnt-and-more.


    • The Cam Newton thing might be because he’s not getting ‘W’s. He’s doing great, yet the Panthers aren’t winning. But there are many similarities between Newton and Tebow, especially the fact that they are both rookie quarterbacks who have been told (over and over) that their ‘style’ of play won’t’work’ in the NFL. (and yet it kinda does….)


  2. I totally agree with you both given the absolute phenomenom that is Tebow’s behavior.Why is he allowed to continue his posturing? Dare ANYONE (heaven forbid…bad pun,yeah)criticize the freedom to practice their religion? But, must it be so visual? Aren’t some things PRIVATE? Imagine if some player raced around the field with a peace sign on their back (or shaved into their head!) with END THE WAR or FUCK CONSERVATIVES..whatever!..You know the outcome of that…I wont waste your time given the obvious answer….I might be wrong but, lots of these games are on FOX…you know, the pillar of truth and fairness in newsreporting?
    Just a thought, hmmmm….


    • It’s the elephant in the room! They won’t even mention the religious aspect of Tebow’s image. It’s too much of a ‘hot button’ issue…but isn’t it amazing how softly we all tread around the religious, self-righteous,pro-life, conservative straight-laced- and yet most of these types have NO PROBLEM targeting who they disapprove of! I don’t hate religion, but I recognize it can divide people. We’re already on two different sides team-wise, that’s enough friction! Imagine if a Jewish player tried to tell Tebow that his ‘Jesus’ didn’t even exist in the first place….all of the Tebow lovers would have heart failure and feel ‘attacked’. Because if it’s about ‘their’ religion, people think it’s alright. I grew up Christian (not that it matters) but not Tebow’s kind of Christian.(His is the show-boaty’ kind!) I bet half of my friends have no idea what religion I am, coz I don’t discuss it. It’s so much better that way! We need to appreciate the things that bring us closer, and football can be one of them. Let’s have fun out there!!


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