‘Breaking Bad’ (calls!)

In Game Day Sweet, GAME DAY SWEET: 2012 Season on December 7, 2011 at 5:27 pm

“C’mon, Man!”

Tom Coughlin: ‘Sick to my stomach’ over photo validating Jake Ballard’s Giant TD – NYPOST.com.


God knows, we’ve all been there. Nothing in sports can drive one as crazy as the blown call! Even with instant replay and challenges it still happens- and will continue to happen. Everyone feels bad about it, but the only time we feel legal action! must be taken, referees dismissed, the entire country should come to a halt and fix this thing!! is when it happens to OUR  favorite team! Then,  it feels like a social injustice, and it’s hard for us to see people going along – lalala- like it’s just another day. WTF?! My team lost on a BAD CALL mofo’s- and I’ll be needing you all to show the proper amount of indignation. Luckily, the feeling passes rather quickly. Usually within a month or two. (Unless it’s the play-offs!)

Not that it helps in any way, shape or form, but in the Giants case, at least it wasn’t at the end of the game. Because it happened in the first half, one can imagine that even if the call had been correctly identified, it may have altered what play Green Bay called next, and so on and so forth, and it isn’t a given that the Giants would have won. Though they came so freakin’ close- and looked damn good! Like they definitely had it in’em!! I feel for their fans, and can relate to that gut-wrenching feeling of having been cheated out of a possible win.

That being said, I think the amount of calls that do get called properly- because of challenge flags and upstairs reviews- have greatly improved the chances of getting the right call made, which is a win-win for the game in general.


“Imma be E-Bay Rich, Bitches!”

Cam Newton is on fire- and has been all season. As a rookie quarterback! Unfortunately, his Carolina Panthers can’t register ‘W’s’, and he’s been overshadowed by God’s son, Mr.  Timothy TeBlow. I enjoyed watching Cam play Sunday- goofing around with his team and opponents, and after his record-setting play (13 Rushing Touchdowns, a record that’s held since the 60’s) – when he danced over to a sixteen year old wearing a ‘Mrs. Newton’ shirt, and handed her the ball. All I could think was ‘Wow’- that chick just hit pay-dirt, that ball is worth a serious chunk of change! (I’m so jaded! I didn’t even visit the ‘she can hold onto it forever’ school of thought. Ah- if only I were from a ‘simpler’ time….)

The 16 year old (Katie Brown) was asked shortly thereafter, if she would surrender the ball because it had to go to the Football Hall Of Fame, in Canton. In exchange she was given another regulation (but un-blessed) football and four Panther’s hats. (There was a promise of ‘more stuff in the mail’ as well) She was really cool about it (thus ruining any chances of being the subject of the next 30×30 on ESPN) and said she knew that the ball was special to Cam, and had no problem giving it up. (Don’t go on E-Bay, Katie! Don’t play ‘what if!’) I find it refreshing to see how classy a 16 year old can be (take note everyone else!), and it was a sweet moment to watch.


“I’m as elusive on the field as that Pot of Gold is at the end of the Rainbow!”

Marshawn Lynch is one scary dude! He has an aura about him that is dark and intimidating. Like, for real! Who wouldn’t want this guy on their team? What a game he had against the Eagles in Seattle! Especially the play where he disappeared into the pile, miraculously re-appeared, and then scored! Whoah! Because he’s such a tough player, and so ‘beastly’ – it was especially cute to watch his little in-game Skittles ritual. The fact that it was candy- ohgodforbid! SUGAR!!-made it even funnier. I can imagine the horror all of those granola-toting, organic, earth mother types out there in Seattle felt- rushing to cover their children’s eyes, and top-off their soy-milk filled sippy-cups (non-toxic, recyclable). Of course, many of those types don’t watch the violent game of football in the first place. Right?? Poor things!


Unlike Ndamukong Suh himself, I’m not gonna pile on right now…..although I will say that the most questionable thing about this accident (to me) is: Why wasn’t Suh driving a Chrysler, the car he did the commercial for? Could the lack of a Chrysler be the reason he’s ‘forgetting where he’s from’ lately? Could a Chrysler fix all of this drama? The ad sure implies that just by driving a Chrysler, one’s character and street cred elevate substantially. (Although the motto for Chevy- which he was driving- is ‘Chevy Runs Deep!’- and I have to admit, Suh’s in pretty deep!)  Between Suh and the imploding Detroit Lions team, I think we now have the poster-children for the much uttered phrase: ‘Don’t get ahead of yourselves. It’s a loooong season!’


I’m not the biggest baseball fan around, though I have been known to watch the play-offs and get a little b-ball crazy. I like the ‘chess game’ aspect of it, and I love the pitcher/hitter tension. I ALWAYS watch the World Series. I’ve been reasonably excited about the new Marlin’s stadium (our local blood bank is big into giving out free baseball tix- and they’d better keep that up…or no more home ‘platelets’ if you get my drift! I kid, of course) and on my own- without giving actual blood- I’ve been to a dozen or so Marlins games (one in a sky box!). Anyway- this past year I didn’t pay much attention to baseball, and yet- I clearly noticed this one particular, dread-locked Mets player , all the time on the ESPN highlights on the tv’s at the gym…so much so, that I eventually asked Cool-Guy Jones (Ryan) ‘Who IS that cute guy on the Mets?’…..So- fast forward to a coupla days ago- and Wala! The ‘Miami Marlins’ (orange uni’s?Hmmm…) have enticed Mr. Reyes to a ‘Stay-es’ in South Florida and play for them. Methinks I will be going to some baseball games this year.

‘Well, well…what have we got here?’

So, Jose Reyes- feel free to: ‘party in the city where the heat is on-all night on the beach till the break of dawn’….or maybe not. We want you well rested!!


‘Team D-Bag!’

There are so many nasty people- in all walks of life, and the rich, sports-figure types can be especially maddening. They seem to have won the lottery in life, but rather than be grateful and/or humble, they choose to drink their own Kool-Aid and walk all over everyone in their path. Kyle Busch has long been known as a complete a-hole on Nascar tracks all over America- making nasty comments and fighting with – well- pretty much any human being that he comes in contact with. He just does not care to be a decent or rational human being and makes enemies constantly, whether it’s by cheating, whining, or throwing punches at the track. But USUALLY these kind of jerks blow merrily down  their paths of rudeness like spoiled brats, continuing to rake in the dough, and give the finger to the people who support and help their careers.

So, it was with much joy that I found  out that Mr. Kurt (curt!) Busch has been fired from the Penske Racing Team for being an arrogant jerk! Seriously, he is such a douche that he has been fired for it!! Wow! Amazing! It almost makes one think there actually IS some justice in the world, after all! (And boy would I like to get a look at his ‘Penske File!’ Hey Costanza….)


“Who’s stoppin’ me? I mean, really- WHO?”

Please- SOMEBODY!- Step-up!

  1. “Boy, its gettin’ hot in herre, Lisa. Just let it all hang out, gurrrl!” (Actual comment to Lisa by Nelly recently…)

    .I like that picture of the newest Marlin…although I can say that NOW…since Im a Yankee fan. But,I just want to comment on that idiot Kurt Busch…did you happen to see that clip that sent Penske into overdrive (ahem) to fire his winning ass? He was a complete and utter idiot to a guy from ESPN who was JUST DOING HIS FREAKING J-O-B!!! You know, interviewing drivers pre-and post race? What IS his problem? Must be a complete joy to live with too….It is his second time being fired from a team …Im curious to see who will pick him up..and what about those endorsement deals?…I have to say, it is refreshing that Penske took a stand and classed it up a bit..unlike some other sports, teams, owners and coaches(hmmm)and didnt make excuses for boorish behavior.
    I also sorry about the Giants, but being an Aaron Rodgers fan (and not of his personality, of course)…I feel badly. But, the Giants were formidable and for that they should feel proud.


    • I’m glad someone FINALLY took a stand against Kurt Busch, but it sure took’em long enough! He’s one of the main reasons I defected over to NHRA (that and Dale Jr. joining forces w/Johnson and Gordon- which to me is like Darth Vadar hanging with Luke Skywalker, and took away all of the great rivalry stuff left over by Dale Sr. the original bad-ass!) I’m just ecstatic that someone actually got fired for attitude.I mean- it CAN happen! That rocks my world!!

      You must come down and join me for some Miami Marlins games. I need the pics for my blog (sure) so I HAVE to go (sure) not just for Reyes (sure) and it’s always a good time. We’ll hit South Beach afterwards. Lol!

      By the way- I thought you and Aaron had set a date? Please tell him to splurge on a salon cut. I think he’s been going to Supercuts and getting his card stamped. He can do much better.


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