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Mama Bird’s Blog / Don’t Hate Me Because I Hate Football.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know that lots of women hate football? I ‘get’ that I like football more than the average woman. I’m okay with that, and I don’t force any of my innocent lady friends to watch football with me, and everything’s cool. But I really feel sorry for the guys out there who like football, and have to get bitched at about it by their wives and/or girlfriends on a regular basis. There are a plethora of commercials about guys who have to ‘disguise’ the fact that they’re watching football or even keeping track of the score. “ARE YOU CHECKING THE SCORES?!’ the woman will bellow, and the idiot guy will  cower and try to deny that he’s -ohmyGod!-watching football. I want with every bone in my body for the guy to say: ‘YES! I’M CHECKING THE SCORES! WHAT ARE YOU? MY MOTHER?!…but of coarse, bumbling, doofus guys are a staple of Madison Avenue, so…no.

The woman who wrote the blog above (‘Mama Bird’) is obviously very bothered that her husband doesn’t want to go shoe shopping, watch Lifetime tv movies with her,or drink Cosmopolitans and talk to her about her feelings over joint pedicures.  She seems to be bragging that her husband only watches two teams, and even then- on the DVR! (What lover of football would ever do this, other than in an emergency? His football ‘loving’ is somewhat suspect!) but all I can think is: This poor guy! WHY can’t he just like football, and be done with it? I wonder if he ever tells her what to like or not like? When was the last time you heard a guy say: “Don’t go shoe shopping?”  

'No Watching Football! Rah! Rah!

There are plenty of things that other people love that I hate: American Idol, Golf, All Awards Shows including The Oscars and The Academy Awards, Country Music, Classic Rock, Mystery and Romance Novels, Anime and Super Hero Movies, Chick Flicks and Lady Gaga, just to name a few.They all make me sick! But I don’t confront the people who do like those things and try and convince them not to! This Mama-Bird woman is probably fostering resentment in her husband, and he’ll more than likely go somewhere to watch football in peace with his friends when he gets tired of kissing her ass.  The man in my life is a great person in so many ways- I can’t imagine trying to get him to stop watching his Drag Racing, or the other sports he happens to like more than football. The guy works hard, is decent, loving and cool- why in the world do I want to guilt him into changing how he spends his Sundays? Or how he wants to relax. He’s off-the-clock! He’s a man, not a child! I just don’t ‘get’ why women so actively want to ‘cut guys off’ from the sports they want to watch!

So what if they're having fun?!

I understand that ‘Mama Bird’ has a blog,(which I came across randomly) and she’s expressing herself-just like I am- but what she is saying is so common, and has been for a long time. It’s become acceptable wife/girlfriend behavior. I just think there are so many worse things a man can do other than like football- and want to watch it. Think about the things that you like- be it music, books, shopping, shoes – what would you feel like if someone constantly bitched at you to stop enjoying it? What if you posted your favorite song on Facebook and people wrote in to say ‘That song sucks?’ Would you suddenly NOT LIKE that song? Of coarse you wouldn’t- but you’d think the person who wrote that was a jerk.



There’s a lot of (mostly) women out there right now who are venting about hating football. I’m very lucky to have cool, funny friends, so we can all joke about it, and laugh.(Kris! Lor!) But some people are practically spitting nails about their football hatred. And they won’t change a single mind, or make any of us football lovers like it one bit less. Football’s almost over, as well. So cool your jets and think about it: why do you like the things you like? And who I am, to argue with you? I’m fine to just let you enjoy your stuff. And when I have nothing nice to say about it- I’ll keep it to myself. Hut Hut.



    • Haha! I wrote this post before I even read your response from the previous one! When I started this Blog (which I was so nervous about!) I tried to think of a subject that a) I liked and b) would need to be updated constantly-thus ‘forcing me’ to blog all of the time (in addition, I write my ‘regular’ stuff….) The way I see it, I started writing about this season of Football, and I’ll be committed to it for exactly one more week and two days. I do LOVE football, but I have many more interests as well (as you know) So, in that way, I’m happy I stuck it out. Shows I can do it.


  2. How frigging hilarious! Truth be told..more of my girlfriends like football than not like it! More of my guy friends don’t like it than do! I think that’s interesting! Most of my girlfriends love shoes. Being a nurse for so many years I am most comfortable with clogs and..

    …birkenstocks! Yup! Treehugging freaky birk wearing chick right here. Ohh..I can dress it up too, I do have some God awful uncomfortable pumps and the like..I have a friend here in Tucson who gags at the sight of my tootsies..that’s cuz she is a self proclaimed shoe whore and wears FMP’s to the grocery store. She has over 200 pairs of shoes. She is my own personal Imelda Marcos-right here in the desert. I love you Heather!

    We are who we are. I’m glad you stuck it out too Lisa..and I am so happy we reconnected after all these years!


    • Lori- you are definitely ‘my type!’….I have nothing against pretty shoes or bad-ass boots, but I mostly rock the Reebok’s or Avia’s! I do appreciate a good shoe, but I’m not spending ridiculous money on them, same with pocketbooks. Heather will faint, but I find some kickass stuff at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Y’know I can even outdo you on the feet scene- in the summer, around the pool it’s bare feet, or flip-flops. And I have a ‘stupid’ toe…the story of which I think I’ll post quite soon. Hint: 70’s, friends, woods, Zeppelin, smoke, someone yells ‘Cops’ – and even in our infinite innocence (ahem) we all run like hell. And being the bionic woman/athlete I am, I go to jump over a big log -(insert bionic woman sound here) then: (insert just lost on “the Price Is Right’ sound here) well- my one foot didn’t quite make it over, and I slammed my toenail, where it split in half.(After Dr.’s, it’s all healed, but if you look close, it’s a little ‘off’) Oh- and it wasn’t the cops- it was just a friend trying to ‘freak us out’. Thanks, bobo!!

      I do take umbrage though, to the way women are portrayed as ‘sports enemies’ in commercials and tv shows, always trying to put the kibosh on the guys watching sports! Or to break it down even more: It seems every time a guy is just about to have fun, here comes a woman, arms folded, shaking her head ‘no!’. And Doofus Dude is all sheepish, head down, ashamed. What IS that? Meanwhile, ladies (in commercials) are swooning over yogurt (“Oooh!mmmm!, eyes rolling back, “Oh God!ahhh mmmm!”) I mean: really? Over yogurt? No offense, yogurt’s ok, but when I see it in my fridge I DO NOT get all swooney!

      I love your blog, and am very happy we reconnected as well! Oh- and one of these days post a pic of Heather’s collection. She might ‘turn us!’ Have a great weekend, Lor!!


  3. Lisa, what can I say…smart, great whit and funny. One of the best articles I have read in awhile…I just love it…You go girl.


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