Houston: We’ve Got A Problem!

In Music on February 12, 2012 at 12:49 pm

 I am sorry that Whitney Houston died, but I am not surprised. Everyone knows she was fighting the demons of drug addiction, and unfortunately, losing. 

I was never a fan of Whitney’s music, but I could appreciate that she was very talented and beautiful. Back in the 80’s-the hoopla with the ‘Bodyguard’ and Kevin Costner and the song “I Will Always Love You’ was a classic. Good for her.

But there is a certain ‘glee’ that comes with celebrity death that sickens me. It’s a cycle. First: The race to be the first to post the info! Everyone wants to be the town cryer. Then, people  who don’t even listen to Whitney Houston’s music, post videos of her songs (that no one will watch) as if that is some great tribute. (Had they posted those videos before yesterday, it may have helped her career- but at that point she was a washed up, ex-singing star, whose music was out of favor, and no one cared!)

But here’s the part that really brings me down: The posting of the tabloid-ish, ‘look-what-a-mess she was before she died!’ articles. Belligerent at the club, unexplained blood stains on her legs- SEE HOW PATHETIC SHE WAS, EVERYBODY! This will go on for awhile.After all-  it’s entertainment! 

The final stage will be after that, when all pictures of her ‘sad’ antics disappear, and the 80’s Whitney, young and beautiful, will hit the Facebook pages and Twitter, just as all of the old and fat pictures Liz Taylor have seemingly disappeared, and now she is seen only as a beautiful young girl, once again.

If we really had any respect for Whitney Houston, we wouldn’t be so ‘giddy’ about her death, clucking like hens.(Fasten your seat-belts for Bobbie Brown’s grief, the bios, the compilations….) We wouldn’t look at the terrible photos, and read all of the horrific drug addled stories that will no doubt be making the rounds. Already I have seen awful Headlines about her ‘terrible last days’- and that’s just by powering up my computer! 

Out of respect for her children, we should write nasty letters to the outlets that publish these pictures and stories and we shouldn’t talk back and forth about her death, sounding so relieved that it wasn’t our daughter or wife or friend.

Most people, were they honest, would have to admit they haven’t given Whitney Houston a single thought, in years. People like Whitney die every day, and they get no accolades. (Well- why should they? It’s not like they could sing!)

For people lucky enough to be born with a voice or staggering beauty, wealth or notoriety in music, books and films, we jump at the chance to say good-bye-regardless of whether we really gave a damn about them as they struggled to fight their demons-when they actually needed support.

Did I forget to mention the ‘ridicule’ phase?

I’m not saying  we shouldn’t acknowledge Whitney Houston’s death. I know most of us only mean well. But there’s something  celebratory about the reactions. A good rule of thumb might be-if it’s not someone that you  liked and followed while they were alive, don’t act like it’s a tragedy in your life, when they die. Because you just look waaaay too excited about it. 

What do you think?

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