Is Breast Cancer The Popular Girl in the Cancer Club??

In Frayed Connections on October 16, 2012 at 12:16 am

I’ve been wanting to say this for years…and I’m finally going to because I’ve had it. Is there no other kind of cancer than breast cancer? Does anyone give a sh** about people suffering from other forms of cancer- say Ovarian, Lung, Brain, Prostate…etc? Everywhere I look it’s pink-pink-pink…..and trust me, I have two beautiful breasts, and want to keep them healthy- but shouldn’t having cancer be the one place where you don’t have to win a god-damn popularity contest?? Is breast cancer the Kardashian of cancer? The blockbuster? The ratings booster? If you die from another form, should you just go quietly? 

I have my worries about the Susan G. Komen charity as well. Do we all remember how they tried to weasel out of their Planned Parenthood contributions last year? Planned Parenthood-which benefit women’s rights in the first place, and makes sure your daughters have somewhere to turn for the information and help they may be too embarrassed to ask for elsewhere? (And to all of you who vote against women’s rights- especially if you ARE a WOMAN!– you should be ashamed of yourselves! You don’t even have the brains to want to control your OWN body! Think about it! That’s like buying a car in NY and having to ask a stranger in the mid-west to let you use your own the keys- if it’s okay- and if THEY approve of your driving!) Oh- and Komen buckled,(because of the publicity, and fear of losing their cash cow) but you have to wonder: How much money are they making off of ‘pink’ products, and why would they choose to STOP SUPPORTING WOMEN’S RIGHTS?

Today I read that only .35 cents out of $10.00 worth of NFL pink products (5%) goes to breast cancer research. The NFL is making a mint off of their ‘awareness’ campaign. But- they are only concerned about breast cancer (if 35 cents can be called ‘concern’ and not a ‘scam’)

It’s sickening to think that there is an actual popularity contest in the world of sickness, disease and dying. I guess all I can say, is if you are cancer stricken- you’d better hope you get ‘lucky’ enough to get the only kind anyone seems to care about. Because the rest of them don’t even have a ‘color’. Or a rally cry. Or PR Firm. And life never stops being a popularity contest- even when it comes to what might kill you.

  1. I Completely agree! I was waiting for someone to say something, of course I didn’t dare to be first. I also read that of all of these walks and runs for cancer – NONE of the money raised goes into cancer research – it all goes into the NEXT run or walk! Bravo Lisa!


    • I just couldn’t hold it in anymore! Naturally- I am not saying ‘don’t care about breast cancer’, but rather: Don’t imply that my donation is going directly to research if it’s not, and please!-have empathy for ALL kinds of cancer!


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