Weight A Minute!

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Bing! Bang! It’s the New Year! Soon we’re all going to be inundated with weight loss articles, shows, miracle cleanses and juicing systems- not to mention gym membership testimonies galore. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.

But may I make a suggestion? To all of those companies who are trying to sell me something, and want to avoid an  eye-roll, and dramatically  heaved sigh (all indications that my wallet will remain closed) here are a few suggestions:

Please stop regaling me with stories about the dangerously overweight ‘reader’ ‘listener’ or ‘viewer’ – who was so fat that she: had to use a scooter at the grocery store, couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without hyperventilating,  once ate an entire six-tiered wedding cake alone, couldn’t fit into a roller-coaster seat, inadvertently ran with a herd of cows, had to ask for a extension on her airplane seat-belt…….or whatever paints a picture of a slovenly, unfortunate, pitiful overweight female unfit to breathe the air on this planet because she’s taking up too much space.  This same woman who eventually ‘gets with (your) program’ (i.e: hands over the cash) follows your plan and somehow miraculously! not only loses the weight- but becomes a marathon marathon runner, (meaning she just ran her third 10K this week!) or fitness instructor (she now teaches four boot-camp classes before 6am each morning!) or model (she is now dating Leonardo DiCaprio and is renovating his villa in the South Of France by installing a yoga studio) I mean- how did this mythical creature-surely she runs among the unicorns- get fat in the first place, one wonders?

Because, as soon as I read something like this, I know the product/plan/idea is not for me. A) because even if I could, I choose not to be obsessed with my body to the point where I spend five hours a day on it- or make it my profession! and b) these kind of results-if they even exist- are not the norm! How about a story of a woman who loses twenty-pounds (a mere bag of shells!) over the course of a year, and simply feels healthier, as she continues living the life that she already loves? How about that story?

Oh, riiiight..we don’t need you for that kind of story! We can do that one for free.

  1. What isn’t said is that that spokes person has a personal trainer, a spa, money to buy more expensive food and an incentive with big bucks to remain on the yukky gritty flavorless plan. Eat real food in moderation, drink water, enjoyable exercise (like dancing) and an inner desire should rule any “diet” plan, right? Blessings and stay motivated,


    • Yes! Imagine you could live on crab legs cooked by a personal chef and get long massages after working out! Honestly though- I mean no disrespect to anyone who does ends up becoming a fitness phenom! To each her own! But when a story ends with a very sedentary woman transforming into Jillian Michaels- I stop relating and look elsewhere for inspiration!!


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