Out Of The Woodwork/ 01/06/2014

In Should I Even Be Talking About This? on January 6, 2014 at 1:22 pm

There’s an ongoing debate going on about ‘free speech’ and the rights of cantankerous, old redneck Phil Robertson to gay-bash, and insist ‘black people were happy picking cotton’ while suggesting young girls should be married off at 15 (presumably to old creeps such as himself) He’s got a whole arsenal of backwoods ignorance to impart.

In some ways it’s  funny- like someone’s drunk grandpa in the corner of the room during the family re-union.  No one really worries about him because he’ll be gone soon anyway. I understand Phil Robertson is just your average nut from a reality show (who cares what he thinks?) But still….

What seems to have been lost in the controversy is that once again (drum-roll please…) these are’ religious’ people who play the  God card quite a bit. Isn’t it alarming how much hate originates from religion? Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive?

I’d like to point out that no one is hindering anyone’s right to free speech. One can say anything one wants to. What Sarah Palin and other right-wingers are really angry about is the reaction to said speech.

They are angry because too many people aren’t high-fiving them and  pandering to gay-bashing, racism, sexism and ignorance.  They’re angry that the world is moving on without them, and that so many people don’t hate, that so many don’t try to hold their thumbs against the necks of people who are different than than them. It pisses them off that so many have come around to accept the differences in the human race, and don’t judge. They simply can’t wrap their heads around it. 

Years ago- in the 80’s, 90’s and beyond- the FCC was on a tear to limit free speech. Howard Stern in particular was singled out as a menace to society and many of these right wingers did everything in their power to shut him down. Eventually it drove him to satellite, and the furor finally simmered down -with terrestrial radio on life support as a result. (How did they NOT see that coming?)

This is an example of conservatives who are only protective of ‘free speech’ when the speech is touting their opinions and beliefs. But they’ll donate money to organizations designed to suffocate the kind of free speech they don’t approve of. Laughable.

Speech is free.  This applies to reactions to your free speech as well.

Speech is free. This applies to reactions to your free speech as well.

There’s another conservative phenomena that takes place when these haters spew their garbage. It happened when Paula Dean was brought to task for her use of the ‘N’ word (did anyone ever think she didn’t use that word?), it happened with Duck Dynasty- even when George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin: the closet racists and homophobes come out of the woodwork and ‘reward’ their ‘hero’ for voicing what they are too cowardly to say (in public). Paula Dean’s cookbooks shot up the charts, Duck Dynasty had record viewers, and even George Zimmerman was gifted thousands of dollars. It may be the best way to tell the real temperature of the country- it’s not what people say, it’s what they do. Haters/Cowards put their money where someone else’s mouth is!

American history proves, time and time again, that it’s the oppressed that always prevail in the long run. The gay bashers, racists, chauvinists, elitists, etc.  will be portrayed in the history books just like the witch burners of Salem were. As despicable, and deplorable.

But we must hope the hateful keep talking, the louder and more openly. Far better to know who these people are, than to have them walk silently among us.

  1. This is brilliant!
    I believe the battle is still on and believe it or not, WE are winning. WE being the rational sane folks,lol.
    America is so big and as big also are many who have lost their way and still wallow in ignorance and hate. They win when write ups such as yours stop appearing.


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